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Basics of Legal Citations

Federal Law

Constitutional Law

The Federal Constitution and its Amendments

Statutory Law

Laws passed and enacted by Congress

  • Public Law- P.L. Cong-# (P.L. 114-248)
  • Statutes at Large (S.A.L.)- Vol Stat. Pg (125 Stat. 273)
  • United States Code- Title U.S.C Section Year (1 U.S.C. §106 2012)

Case Law (Judicial Law)

Court decisions are treated as judicial law unless they are overturned by a higher court

  • Supreme Court-United States Reports- Vol. U.S. Pg (564 U.S. 1)
  • Federal District Court, Federal Court of Appeals, and Federal Supreme Court Decisions can be found in WestLaw or LexisNexis

Administrative Law (Regulatory Law)

Rules and Regulations from executive departments and agencies

  • Federal Register
    • Proposed Rules
    • Final Rules (including interim, direct, and delayed rules)
  • Code of Federal Regulations
    • Federal Regulations Currently in Force
    • Published every year
    • Arranged by Titles, but not the same titles as the U.S. Code

State Law

Same four types of laws as seen in the federal government, which are individual to each state's government.

Local Law

Includes any local codes ordinances created and passed by county, city, or township governments.


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