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EDUC 325: Teaching Reading/Writing in the Content Areas

How to Find a Book that has been Banned or Challenged at CSU?

Step 1: Choose a List

Select a list from the American Library Association's website based on the type of book you need to locate:

Top 10 Frequently Challenged books lists of the 21st century

Frequently Challenged Young Adult Books

Frequently Challenged Children's Books

Frequently Challenged Books with Diverse Content

Frequently Challenged Classics

Step 2: Select a Book

From the list select a book that you are interested in:

Example: The Giver by Lois Lowry

Step 3: Check the CSU Library Website

When visiting the CSU Library website to see if we have the book, choose to search the Classic Catalog:

Type in the Title of the book and if you are looking for a Children's book select "Juvenile" for the location:

If the CSU Library has the book it should be listed in the Search Results:

Step 4: Find the Book

Click on the book title in the Search Results to view the information about the book, including where to find it in the CSU Library:

If you need help locating a book in the CSU Library please visit the Questions Desks on either the first or second floors of the Library or view our How to Find a Book Library Guide.


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