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Welcome to your Library Course Guide for Public Speaking.  On this page are all of the resources you will need for your research assignments in this class.  Before you start your research, please take the time to go through the additional pages of library tutorials.  There is a quiz at the end!



Library Hours

Today's Hours

Additional Library Hours

Course Style Guide

Options for Research Journals

Recommended Databases

Research Methods

  1. Brainstorm keywords
    • use these to start your research journal
  2. Build searches in Discover using your subject terms and keywords
    • remember to limit to peer-reviewed articles
    • keep track of your searches in your research journal; note what works and what doesn't
    • note possible resources
  3. Don't forget to search for books and ebooks
    • search PASCAL too

What is Plagiarism

According to the CSU Undergraduate Academic Integrity Policy, "plagiarism is the taking or attempted taking of an idea, writing, a graphic, music composition, art or datum of another without giving proper credit and presenting or attempting to present it as one’s own.  It is also taking written materials of one’s own that have been used for a previous course assignment and using it without reference to it in its original form" (Charleston Southern University Student Handbook 2016-2016, 11).

The term Plagiarism comes from the Latin for kidnapper (plagiarius). Therefore, just like it is wrong to kidnap a person, it is wrong to kidnap (i.e., plagiarize) someone's ideas.

Intentional Unintentional
Intentional plagiarism is the theft of someone else’s ideas; it is usually easily identifiable and avoidable. Unintentional plagiarism is harder for students to identify, usually because it is accidental.
Examples: Examples:
     Buying a paper off the internet      Paraphrasing badly by just rearranging words or sentences 
     Copying and pasting articles without quoting and/or citing      Not using quotation marks correctly
     Having someone else write a paper for you      Leaving out information from in-text citations or bibliography

Both are still considered plagiarism and will result in consequences!

Take the Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial for more information and tips!

Avoiding Plagiarism


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Eileen Lutzow
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