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Where to Start Your Research


Once you have identified the key tasks of your project and chosen a topic, you will need to locate sources to incorporate into your research.

These resources may help you get a well-rounded picture of your topic:

  • Google and Wikipedia - Extremely helpful for getting a big picture look at your topic. These can help you find additional keywords and aspects of your topic you may not have considered
  • OneSearch - CSU Library's one-stop for books, eBooks, articles, and more. Your professor will often ask you to find peer-reviewed sources - OneSearch has these. For sources in a specific subject area, view our Databases A-Z
  • AllSides - You will often need to interact with sources on both sides of an issue (ex. a persuasive speech). AllSides provides sources with different viewpoints.
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context is a CSU resource similar to AllSides that you may also want to consult. It also has an extensive 'Browse Issues' section that may help you settle on a topic.

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