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eBook User Guide

Accessing University Press Scholarship Online eBooks

University Press Scholarship Online


  • Available for most computers, laptops, or mobile devices with an active Internet connection
  • See tutorials


  • Active Internet connection and web browser is required to download the PDF but not to read it later
  • No special ereader app required; use the PDF reader of your choice, such as Adobe Reader, iBooks, etc.
  • On a computer or laptop, can download one chapter at a time by clicking on the View PDF link at the top of each chapter but cannot download whole book in one step
  • On mobile devices, the View PDF link is not available. Download the PDF to a computer and transfer to your device. Or, use a third-party app or browser feature which allows saving a webpage to PDF (such as Page2PDF for Apple, or the Android versions of the Firefox or Dolphin browsers' save to PDF options)
  • For Kindle, save to PDF on a computer, then transfer to the device or use Amazon's Send to Kindle option
  • Can keep PDFs indefinitely
  • See tutorials

University Press Scholarship Online eBooks Tutorials

Tutorials on University Press Scholarship Online
Take a Tour PDF or PowerPoint or
YouTube video
Limiting Results to Full Text PDF


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